Original paintings

Every piece is an original work. Sometimes the theme may be repeated in other work, but never copied. Inspiration strikes anytime,and whatever colours I'm feeling that day is what hits the board, canvas or aluminium

Abstract,Textured, Colourful

​Using brushes, palette knives, squeegees, wallpaper scrapers, sponge, cloth, fingers, my shirt sleeve and anything else that comes to hand, I create visual expressions of mood and feelings. Some are more realistic than others, but generally realism is not what I do, so nudes landscapes and faces are also more figurative. My work is a representation of something I can't always see until a piece is finished. Sometimes my influences spread beyond the purely visual like a still life or a seascape, to include music, poetry, love, food, seasons and weather. Pretentious twaddle! If you like what I paint, and would like to buy any of the featured paintings or discuss a commission, please use the contact page to message me for a chat.